The Fallacy of Homophobia

The Fallacy of Homophobia Roy Blizzard III © 2013

In today’s world we often hear words tossed around so much that they often become imbedded in our culture whether or not there is any truth or meaning to them, for example the word “like” used by many young girls as a sort of speech filler as opposed to the regular meaning of liking something. Oftentimes, one group or the other will take or formulate for themselves one particular word or phrase and claim that for their own, for example the word “gnarly”. Coined by surfers in the 60’s, gnarly means difficult, dangerous, or challenging. While both of these examples use words in common speech, the first really has no meaning while the second does convey meaning. There seems to be a third type of word which is very commonplace today and that is what I would call a figmentary word. This would be a word that is imagined or created by a person in his or her mind and has become commonplace in speech, but in reality has Zero meaning and is actually a dangerous word because it conveys a lie while purporting to be truth. Such is the word “homophobia”.

In order to see this word and the lie it foists upon the world all we need to do it actually understand this word. This word is based upon the supposed meaning in common culture of a “fear of homosexuals or homosexuality”. But how can this be? The word Phobia actually denotes a medical condition / anxiety disorder, with some type of a horrible panic or fear with physical and mental results. Take Arachnophobia as an example; when one is afraid of spiders a competent physician can measure the fear by observing the physical manifestations of that fear. The same goes for Agoraphobia – Fear of wide-open spaces, Acrophobia- Fear of heights, or Androphobia- Fear of men, or any other number of phobias.

However, all these true phobias have one common denominator, “fear” that is measurable. So how is homophobia a fallacy? Haven’t we been bombarded with the idea that anyone who isn’t comfortable with the concept of homosexuality is a homophobe? Haven’t we enacted laws and regulations based upon this word and the fear of being branded a homophobe? Yes we have, but what if this word is just made up and has Zero meaning? What if we have been lied to, both the homosexual community and the non-homosexual community alike and all those in positions of authority?

Let me ask all of you a question, “How many non-homosexual people do you know that exhibit measurable symptoms of fear when in the presence of a homosexual person?” I don’t mean how many people may be uncomfortable, non-understanding, bigoted, or even hateful, but actually show measurable symptoms of fear? I can tell you the answer, ZERO. It is an absolute fallacy that men or women exhibit symptoms of fear when around homosexuals. What is there to be afraid of? Are we afraid we may be in the presence of a homosexual and catch a bad case of it? No. All the arguments surrounding this word “Homophobia” are made up, concocted to promote an agenda.

Look, I don’t hate homosexuals. I don’t fear homosexuals. It is just that homosexual behavior doesn’t compute within my heterosexual brain. That is all. It is very similar to trying to feed Chinese language information into a computer database that only understands C++, you will get a “does not compute” message. No fear is exhibited, just an error message. Our non-homosexual brain is unable to process this data and gain any understanding of it. I really don’t care if someone calls themselves a PhD Psychologist or Psychiatrist, if they are not a homosexual there is no way on this earth that they can compute in their brains the homosexual behavior. They can clinically explain it and describe it and have empathy for the homosexual, but understand it and make it compute in their brains, No way! Impossible! If someone says they can, they are a liar.

So if this word is figmentary and conveys a lie, what is the harm you ask? The harm is that this lie of a fear of homosexuals causes people to feel and believe over time that they actually are something that they are not. Many times in churches, pastors will berate the congregants and tell them they are worthless sinners, when in reality they are not. Pastors do this to control the congregants. However, over time, people actually become what they are told they are. If the Government tells you long enough and often enough that some government program is good for you even if it isn’t, you may begin to believe that it really is good for you. That is the way lies are. A lie told often enough and loud enough will begin to appear as truth to those who are in truth “weak minded”.

A young man named Daley Saxton said to me, “While physical symptoms of fear may not be visible a lot of folks still treat gays badly. And to me you only attack what you fear. Treating someone badly because they aren’t straight to me is a physical symptom of fear.” While it is very true that many people treat gays badly, it is not necessarily a symptom of a phobia or many times not even a fear. Usually it is a hatred centered in misunderstanding and erroneous teaching not a clinical symptom of a phobia such as manifested in the sweats, panic etc. There may be some sort of a fear goaded by hatred as a result of lies taught, much like the Japanese public had after being lied to by their Government.

We as a society need to begin to study and understand these words and lies that are so freely bantered about us every day, for in doing so we may actually develop a clear picture of the agendas of the world that are desiring to make us sheep and separate us from our money and our control over our own lives and we may actually begin to get away from the hate filled rants of those who think that people are homophobes who in reality know nothing of others.

And actually homosexuality should be one of our least worries. We have a government and world running amok and wars everywhere and homes and livelihoods being stole by the thousands by illegal practices by Judges, government agencies and banks and we are worried about homosexuals? Our children are killing themselves and others by the thousands because of us not instructing them who they are created to be and what they are to do and how dehumanized they feel and we are worried about someone stating an honest non-politically correct opinion instead of a lie. It really is so sad that our word is fed and run by lies and the distribution of fear to the uneducated masses.

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6 thoughts on “The Fallacy of Homophobia

  1. This was a very interesting piece.Do you mind if I share it with some of my friends? I would love to see them think about what you said. I would love to hear their rebuttal.

  2. It seems to me that A&E and Cracker Barrel are the ones that have shown “Homophobia” (The fear of homosexuals)

  3. Language is dynamic, not static. New words are coined all the time, and old words take on new meanings all the time. Words can have more than one meaning, That is why dictionaries are updated regularly. Your assumption that homophobia means only “fear of homosexuals” is incorrect. Webster’s defines homophobia as:
    irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals (The medical definition is the same)

    So, 1. irrational fear of 2. aversion to 3. discrimination against
    I am not homosexual and was raised Christian. As a Christian I was taught that they are an abomination. As a heterosexual I didn’t understand them (like your “doesn’t compute with my heterosexual brain” comment). That statement is demonstrative of an aversion, (maybe just a slight aversion) But all of these feelings I speak of were when I was a child. When I grew up I learned that they are just different as people can be in so many ways. I learned that they were born that way, and I accepted that because I am as sure as I can be of anything that I was born hetero. I didn’t choose it and your comment about the heterosexual brain acknowledges that homosexual brains are wired differently for sexual orientation, even if you didn’t intend it to. I grew up and stopped thinking that they are an abomination and realized that they are not that hard to understand. You should do that too. You should also reevaluate your simplistic and clearly erroneous explanation of the word homophobia.

    • Karl, While you make certain assumptions, they may or may not be true depending on many factors and one factor that must be considered is the history and usage of the word. This word was coined in 1969 by a psychologist and was used in an article written by two gay activists Jack Nichols and Lige Clark, who wrote the article in Screw magazine trying to fight people’s viewpoints that were of a religious nature. this term was then picked up and used by other psychologists who also wanted to go fight the religious people who thought differently than they did, I guess so they could sell lots of porno mags and whatever else they wanted to justify. So while language is dynamic and yes indeed meanings do change, by looking at the history of the words and see why they originated we can see where the words evolve. However, if one looks at the medical literature, there is NO such condition that can be classified as Homophobia, and yes I have asked several of my friends who are Drs and Psychologists. These so called “definitions” of homophobia have come into being as a result of the misuse of this term, but in all actuality it still stands that there is NO such animal as Homophobia. I have no “aversion to” “fear of” and do not “discriminate against” homosexuals. I didn’t say that as a general rule a homosexual is hard to understand, I said that I can’t fathom their behavior because it doesn’t compute in my heterosexual brain. There is a huge difference. You are free to keep buying the lie being told to you, but facts are facts and there is no one that is a homophobe in the true sense that this word connotes.
      Perhaps the leading researcher and writer on homophobia from a gay perspective is Greg Herek, and he clearly expresses his reservations about homophobia, preferring the term sexual prejudice:

      Sexual prejudice refers to negative attitudes toward an individual because of her or his sexual orientation. In this article, it is used to characterize heterosexuals’ negative attitudes toward (a) homosexual behavior; (b) people with a homosexual or bisexual orientation; and (c) communities of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. Sexual prejudice is a preferable term to homophobia because it conveys no assumptions about the motivations underlying negative attitudes, locates the study of attitudes concerning sexual orientation within the broader context of social psychological research on prejudice, and avoids value judgments about such attitudes. 5

      For different reasons homophobia has been condemned, as inaccurate and not always appropriate for the purpose by gay writers and activists, and as a deliberately misleading and sinister smear by those opposed to the gay agenda. Thoughtful writers on both sides agree that the word rarely if ever means a debilitating irrational fearfulness of homosexuals or homosexuality, a meaning strictly required by psychiatric nomenclature. Probably for those very reasons, its broadness and its guilt-inducing and mental illness connotations, the word has served, and continues to serve, a most useful political purpose and despite its limitations is not likely to be abandoned any time soon.Indeed, in an ironic reversal which once saw homosexuals as suffering from a psychiatric illness, homosexuality has been eliminated as a psychiatric classification (since 1973) and homophobia is increasingly being portrayed as a debilitating and dangerous disorder, amenable to and in need of treatment. Most people are said to suffer from it, even homosexuals, who have picked up society’s disapproval of homosexuality and internalized it. (SPCS) While this comment has come from a supposed homophobic website, it does not mean that this comment in and of itself is anti homosexual or prejudiced.

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