Roy Blizzard III

President and Project Manager of T. I. H. Environmental LLC, Roy Blizzard draws upon years of experience and a hands–on background in environmental compliance, construction, remodeling, marketing, Bible and Hebrew Studies and broadcasting. His goal is to provide clients with facts and solutions that are efficient and effective. Since 2002, he has been working in the field of environmental assessments with the focus on improving the look, feel, and workability of the SPCC plans with the goal of providing a product that not only looks professional and is easy to read and understand, but it meets exacting requirements in a cost effective and timely manner.

He has been trained on the job in the oil patch in Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama and New Mexico. He has trained with David Yard P.E., Don Mooney P.E., Harold Ed von Dran P.E. and George A. Gonzalez P.E. as a part of Columbia Engineering, Jester Industries, Alpha Terra Engineering and Genesis 1 Engineering. Under their direction, he personally has done thousands of SPCC reports for dozens of oil companies from small to large. He was instrumental in the development of the SPCC plan that is now used by at least 6 different companies all over the U.S. He has undergone hazardous gas training and many hours of HAZWOP training as well. He has done both Phase 1 reports and site closure plans that included issues such as site construction, soil and ground water impacts, surface water quality, H2S, oil spill mitigation, salt water contamination, and land reclamation and hazardous waste disposal.

Representing the property owners or lessees, T.I.H.E. provides site review and consultation in connection with OSHA hazards as well. We respond to reports by the State and Federal agencies on behalf of the owners, and our various engineers have successfully challenging certain assertions and response action requests. T.I.H.E. can provide all facets of the environmental arena including SPCC’s, Phase 1 and Phase 2 surveys, Air Quality reports and assessments, site closures, site identification, remedial investigation and construction, industrial hygiene, and safety, plus civil and other engineering services as well.

Roy and his wife Donna have in the last couple of years become learned in the Mortgage Servicing crisis here in the US. They have a small WEB site on Facebook, Homeowners Against Mortgage Servicing Fraud, where they expose the corruption of the Banks and Mortgage Servicing companies and the Insurance companies and Government agencies that support them. They are linked to some of the best minds on the subject and have recently been asked by attorneys to assist them in their information gathering.

Roy has Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas in Radio, TV, & Film Production and a Masters in Religious Education with and emphasis in Hebrew Studies, with more than 260 graduate hours in various areas of study such as Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Aramaic, Jewish Studies, Bible, Archeology, Geology and more. Roy was ordained in 1984 as a non-denominational minister and has spoken around the U.S. and writes many article here on Hubpages. He also has assisted in the writing and editing of two books for his good friend Dusty Farrell, “Who Is the End Time Church?: Recognizing the Spirit Realm” and his follow up book “Now What? A New Perspective and How to Live It (The Spirit Man)” .

He has just published a new book, “The Gospel of John, An Actual Translation” which is the first true translation of this gospel ever done available on Amazon. He has written numerous published articles, and has developed a unique distance education course combating bias in the church. He is also slowly working on a Bible blog concerning the Creation account in Genesis and shows how there is no conflict with the best of Science – He and his wife Donna, have three daughters, Rachael in college at UT Arlington who received her Masters in 2013, Danielle who leads the band Autumn Stay, and Arielle who as her Cosmetologist license.

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