The Gospel of John, An Actual Translation by Roy Blizzard III

gospelofjohn-lgHave you ever read the Gospel of John and had difficulty understanding it? What if you could actually sit down with the apostle John and talk about his gospel? In his language! What answers could he give you that could literally transform your life by unlocking the message of God and Jesus that has been purposely hid for the last two thousand years? Do you think your conversation with John could end the arguments over textual errors that have divided the Christian movement into over 30,000 different groups? The miracle of creative life is what God has for us if we believe, trust and understand Him and His word when can properly act upon it, but How can one act upon something one either misunderstands or can’t understand? Now you can, by returning the text to the true intent of the original writer.

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Who Is the End Time Church?: Recognizing the Spirit Realm by Dusty Farrell

Farrell-EndTimeChurchMan is a spirit being just like his Father. Spirit is the essence of God and man is made of the same stuff, after God’s kind. This “being” has the same personality or image of the Father as clearly defined in Galatians 5, Love, Joy, Peace, etc., thus man is a spirit being who looks just like Jesus in essence but not position. Man can have the same quality of existence or inner life as Jesus, today. We can have the same absolute Love, Joy, and Peace He has. This Truth, about the spirit man and his identity as a recreated son, may very well be the final revelation of the dispensation of Grace. Jesus was just One Man and could only be in one place, we may now be seeing the Lord bring forth the mature spirit man, those who will live from the identity of the recreated spirit man and, therefore, will live and act just like Jesus. But in this era there will be thousands, if not millions, doing the greater works Jesus spoke of and leading people into the kingdom of God, thus bringing the true Gospel to all nations before the end will not take a long time. The end time church will write the final chapters to the book of Acts with power and glorify the Father. Religion has failed us. Religion has taken and given nothing in return. Are you searching for something which thus far is unknown to you, it seems to be out there but hidden? Would you like to be free of guilt and fear? Are you interested in finding something stable on which to base your life, the one thing which you alone possess and no man can take from you? Can you imagine living with clarity about your purpose in life and knowing the Lord is not separated from you, ever? As you read this book you will experience some very crucial truths about what we are as spirit man and who we are which have been simply overlooked and in many cases purposefully hidden for thousands of years. You will learn the true source of all you are from one who has made the journey, and then…you will find fulfillment.

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Now What?: A New Perspective and How to Live It by Dusty Farrell

Farrell-NowWhat“Now What?” was written as a follow up to the book “Who Is the End Time Church? Recognizing the Spirit Realm” People who read the first book have reported how the Lord has made great changes in their lives, including how they are finding new perspectives or “seeing” their life and world completely different and finding a new, stable peace by knowing who they are based on being just like Daddy, they have all raised the question, “Now What?” In this book some issues will be revealed to avoid and paths to follow with your new frame of reference as the beginning. You should expect the Lord to actually lead, comfort, and guide you properly into all the affairs of your life. The real challenge now will be to “unlearn” your old, established ways and patterns which will lead back to where you were. When learning something new we all require repeated immersion in educational resources until we become a person who naturally and effortlessly will allow those sources to outflow from us. You must become a disciple. One who is open and willing to relearn and who will be faithful to the Teacher… He is called the Holy Spirit. These two books are designed to be the first steps in your renewed spirit life with Jesus. You will find Him faithful to you; just experience Him one step at a time.

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