The Authority of the Believer – Roy Blizzard III @ Joppa Church, Bertram, Texas 11-2-2014

The Authority of the Believer

Intersecting With God

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Last week I prefaced today’s message by explaining Authority in The Four Steps to Faith based upon the story of the centurion related to us in Luke 7:1-10. The centurion recognized Authority within Jesus based upon who he was and what he was in the kingdom of Rome and how he saw the Authority of Jesus being utilized within Jesus’ Kingdom. We as well understand Authority, or we should, because we deal with the Authority of Parents, Teachers, Bosses, the Military, Police, and others. We likewise understand and recognize what I call “Threat” Authority such as a burglar or murderer.

Since we seem to understand the fleshly order of Authority, we should be able to recognize the Spiritual Authority as well, but this doesn’t always seem to happen.

Let me ask you a question. How do we get Authority? We seem to recognize someone with more of it than us in the fleshly realm, but how is the Spiritual Authority granted? How do we recognize it and operate within it?

In order to understand these questions we have to go all the way back into the Bible’s first book, Genesis, and into the Garden of Eden where God relates to us the story of the creation of man. Unfortunately, again, this story has not come down to us in a fashion that caused great understanding within the body and has been a great cause of much confusion within mankind and left most people with a feeling of hopelessness and futility.

In Genesis 1:26 God says, “Let us make man in our image and likeness.” Image and likeness is in Hebrew – Betzalmeynu Keedmuteynu -, meaning Resemblance, both physically and spiritually in nature. So what we have is God telling us that we are created with His exact spiritual and physical nature and image… whatever that means.

In Genesis 1:27 we see God creating Adam and this is where you must really pay attention because all of the translators have mistranslated this word Adam, every last one! This kind of makes you think about why such important pieces of information that should have been made available to mankind that should have given us strength and power have been locked away from us for generations.

What have you been taught that the word Adam means? Man, red dirt, it doesn’t mean anything? This is one of the single most important words in the Bible for us to understand. With this knowledge most people don’t realize who they are or what they are to do upon the earth. That is tremendously sad and has doomed generations to powerlessness on the earth.

Adam doesn’t mean red dirt, or man or any such drivel. Adam is a compound word in Hebrew made up of a prefix Aleph or the “A” and the root which is “Dahm”. Now the root of this word means Blood, Red Blood! This is how we get in Hebrew the word for red – Adom. Now, if the root means Blood, what does this little prefix mean and how in the world did the translators ever get red dirt out of it?

Now the real key to understanding what is happening at creation is locked up in this little prefix “Aleph” at the beginning of the word Adam. You see the Aleph is an abbreviation in Hebrew and it has the peculiar distinction of having two concurrent meanings in Judaism. First, the aleph stand for Elohim, the plurality of God and the creative, empowering, aspect of his deity. Secondly, aleph stands for YHWH, the name of God, the personal, covenantal aspect of God who protects and cares for His people because He is duty bound to do so to all who are in Blood Covenant with Him.

So Adam actually means, The creative and Empowering and Covenantal Blood of God made Flesh. Adam was created to be an exact duplication in kind of the creative, empowering God who personally takes an interest in all aspects of our lives. Now, does this sound better to you than you are just a heap of red dirt crawling around on your bellies?!

So now we can see that we were created by God to be authoritative! To be creative! To be a powerful force upon the earth! To be a covenant keeping man or woman who are unified in purpose both as a couple and unified with their creator.

So we can see that indeed we are created SPECIAL. We aren’t just some insignificant blob of red dirt that has no meaning in life. Each and every one of us is tremendously important once we recognize our creator and covenant with Him and become unified in purpose with His purpose.

Let me pose a question to you. Are miracles real? If you haven’t seen one it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. This is the same as if I ask you if Pluto was real. I’ve never seen Pluto, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I’ve just never been in a place in the solar system to experience Pluto. The same is true for miracles. What we need to realize is that unlike trying to get to Pluto, we can experience God and His miracles for real.

We have to Intersect With God!

We have to get our life in tune with God and His desires and at that point our needs intersect with God and His needs and desires for us. Do you understand this, because if you really want to understand the authority of the believer you have to position yourself to meet God where He’s operating?

Nowhere in the Bible does it say God “stopped” all creating, it simply says, He “rested”. Or “Sabbothed”, the word we get Shabbat from in Hebrew. Rest means God desisted from this certain, particular work of preparing the earth for man, but in fact, if God speaks, He creates by virtue of His creative word. Think about this. If the word of God has been made flesh it is creative as well. Jesus is still creating because He still lives. So we have to go to Jesus and intersect our powerless lives with the power filled Jesus who has been granted power over all sin and death.

When we do this Isaiah 40:29-31 is able to be enacted and we can experience the power and authority of Jesus as it operates in and through our lives. Isaiah40:31 says in Hebrew, But they that eagerly wait for and expect the Messiah to come, they shall exchange power with Him. They will arise with strength as eagles. They shall run as messengers and not tire in fruitless work and shall walk righteously and not grow weary in unrighteousness.

What a trade!!! We get to stop being worthless, fruitless, powerless, and frustrated in our lives and are able to operate within the righteousness and authority of Jesus.

So you see, the true authority of the believer began at creation, with who we were created to be. We lost it in the Garden of Eden when man chose to covenant with HaSatan instead of God. It was extended back to us as we reunify with Jesus in His death, burial, and resurrection when we choose to follow God and Jesus.

When we make the conscious decision to quit believing a lie, the lie that we are the center of the universe and everything revolves around us and our needs then we can intersect with God and we can begin to experience the Authority of the Believer.


Part two will be Authority of the Believer, Inheriting from God.

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