What is the potential war in Syria all about?

What is the potential war in Syria all about?

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What is happening in the Middle East and Syria?

This is a region built of family, clan, and tribal rule. This system has ruled the area for millennia and will continue to do so. Think of the scene in Lawrence of Arabia where all the families are fighting for control of Damascus. This is reality in the Middle East and it won’t change, ever as long as Islam is around.

The religion of Islam plays into the type of rule and governmental oversight in the area. Islam demands a rule by some sort of dictator be it a family father, clan leader or tribal head as this socio-political system masquerading as a religion can only function when some dictator tells the people what to think, do and when to do it.

Islam is not a free thinker’s organization and it must have a demon to fight. Anyone who tells you there are moderate Moslems is either a flat out liar – as all Moslems will lie to you because you are a non-Moslem and to lie to you benefits Islam, or they doesn’t know enough about Islam, or are they are delusional, or they are an elected official with their own agenda.

Islam doesn’t have “moderates” within its ranks; they only have apostates who make a conscious decision to not adhere to the tenets of their leaders. They are not true Islamists. While they may want you to think that they are the true voice of Islam, they aren’t. They are ruled over by the majority within Islam who adhere to the tenet of “convert by the sword or die.”

It is into this region that the US Government of Barack Obama wants you to believe we, as a nation, must go to bring stability and democracy. This is a total lie and the ravings of delusional men and women who should know better, but there are personal and state interests involved that you may not be aware of.

You see, while Britain did divide up the region after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, and they appointed warring clan heads to rule the region – a horrible decision-, they allowed the Syrians, Iraqis and Iranians to become very close to Russia. Russia has needed a port in the Mediterranean and an outlet for their oil and gas pipeline to Europe and Syria fit the bill.

So while the media wants you to see and believe there is a civil war in Syria, there is not. This is a pitched battle between the Islamic clan of Assad and the Al-qaeda or Islamic hardliners who want to overthrow Assad’s clan and implement a religious rule and take control of the billions of petro dollars from Russia so they can finance more Islamic Jihad against non-Moslems.

Russia has a great financial stake in this region as do many other smaller parties and even China, but the US is trying to destabilize the area and Obama in particular, who was raised as a Moslem fundamentalist, desires a more militant Islamic control over the region because he was taught in his Islamic studies that with chaos occurring the world will demand some strong leadership and he and his cronies want to be that leadership.

There will be no American win in any conflict in Syria, except the Islamic Fundamentalists who will be there to pick up the pieces and grow in power, while we will be left to bury our sons and daughters who have been sacrificed by your elected officials to consolidate their own power over the region.

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